Alzheimer’s Services

Chiara Center 

St. Francis Home has developed a program for residents with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.  The program focuses on the social, physical, spiritual and psychosocial needs of residents while sustaining their dignity and promoting independence.

Separate and Secure Living Space  Chiara birthday (1)

Residents live and receive care in Chiara Center, a separate, secure area within St. Francis Home that was renovated in 2000 to meet their special needs. Chiara Center consists of 22 private rooms, each with a private restroom; living room with a fireplace; dining room and kitchen; carpeted hallways and common areas; prayer space; and a screened porch that overlooks the child day care playground; and other amenities.

Choice and Freedom

 The design and programming of Chiara Center provide security and flexibility that promote choice and freedom.

Life Enhancement
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Our specially trained staff incorporates special programming that helps residents communicate their needs and levels of ability when language is no longer possible or reliable. Through drawing and other sensory responses, residents reveal to caregivers what level and types of care they require as they experience enjoyable, failure-free activities. The programs provide opportunities for residents to reveal their personalities, creativity and spirit; spark memories; and cultivate new interests. They encourage interactions among residents, promote social skills and a sense of belonging, and stimulate the senses.

Chiara Center Commitment

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We are committed to:

  • Recognizing each resident first and foremost as an individual with his or her own unique life history, talents, abilities and tolerances.
  • Maintaining a therapeutic home-like living environment and delivery the appropriate care to reduce stress and minimize confusion and agitation among residents.
  • Recognizing and accepting the sights and/or sounds that makes up each resident’s reality.
  • Establishing a constant environment with a regular team of nurses, nursing assistants, housekeepers, social worker and life enrichment therapists who provide consistent daily programming.
  • Selecting staff based on their ability to work with confused residents and to demonstrate flexibility in the delivery of care.
  • Recognizing the key role family and friends play in the care of residents.

 To Learn More

To learn more, contact St. Francis Home at  419.447.2723.