Rehabilitation Care

St. Francis Home, on the campus of St. Francis Senior Ministries, provides seniors in Tiffin and the surrounding areas a total short-term rehab experience with physical, occupational and speech therapy.  If you or a loved one needs rehab following joint replacement, fracture, stroke or general decline due to other illness, St. Francis Home can assist.

St. Francis Home offers therapies through HealthPRO Heritage.  Therapy is offered seven days per week for skilled evaluations and six days per week for skilled treatments.  Our team works together to return patients home feeling as strong and healthy as possible.

Amy & Nikki

Physical TherapyAssists patients in areas such as regaining strength, abilities in walking, getting up from chairs and beds, evaluation in the home and relief from pain.

Occupational Therapy– Focuses on patients reacquiring the abilities to dress, groom and bathe.  It also focuses on meal preparation and light housekeeping for those returning home.

Speech Therapy – Uses a variety of techniques to work with patients with swallowing disorders.  It also treats patients for disorders involving speech, voice, comprehension, expression and cognitive-linguistic skills.  Speech therapy assists a variety of people, including those with strokes, recurrent pneumonia, dementia and illnesses involving areas of the mouth and throat for speaking and swallowing.