After people are discharged from a skilled nursing facility they may still be in need of additional therapy.  St. Francis Home has a unit that is available to both residents of the St. Francis campus as well as members of the community for outpatient therapy.  If someone was a patient in St. Francis Home getting therapy and was discharged home, they could then come back for any additional therapy.  This allows consistency in both therapy and therapists.

One example of such an experience is Betty Fredrick.  While Betty was getting prepared for surgery a friend told her about St. Francis Home.   Betty decided to come to St. Francis Home after her surgery for therapy.  In fact, because her therapists were so kind and understanding, she decided to return for outpatient therapy and says she takes every opportunity to recommend St. Francis Home to others.  Betty now says, 

“If I ever need care again, I would return here.”

 Betty had a wonderful experience with her therapy during her stay at St. Francis Home and as an outpatient.  Now she’s helping spread the word to others.  Like Betty, here’s what you can count on if you come to St. Francis Home for outpatient rehab:

  • Compassionate care
  • A comfortable, designated area for therapy
  • Comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy provided by HealthPRO Heritage.

St. Francis Senior Ministries would like to announce the offering of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment – BIG & LOUD program at St. Francis Home. Big & Loud offers physical, occupational and speech therapy for those with Parkinson’s Disease and neurological conditions. It stresses oversized movements and maximized communication for those struggling with these conditions to help them lead fuller lives. Big & Loud is a 4 week program that can be completed as an outpatient in the therapy department at St. Francis Home. For more information about the program, or any other therapy at St. Francis, please contact Rachel Wilhelm at (419) 447-2723. The funding for the training and certification of the therapists in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment – BIG & LOUD was provided by the Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

therapy reunion (20)

Therapy Reunion


For more information about outpatient therapy services at St. Francis Home, contact our admissions coordinator, Rachel Wilhelm at 419.447.2723.