We exist to create a community where each individual can live life fully.”


The foundation for our values is grounded in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, who understood the oneness of creation and recognized the importance of each individual relationship. Ever mindful of his spirit we seek to:

  • Encourage the joy of living
  • Act with gentleness and benevolence
  • Treat life with reverence
  • Be good stewards of God’s creation
  • Advocate for those we serve

In so doing, we recognize that love, grace and mercy permeate all of our values and live through our service to others.


At St. Francis Senior Ministries, we live and promote the spirit and charism of St. Francis of Assisi. We recognize our interdependence in fulfilling our vision and addressing the needs of those we serve. We accept our responsibility to participate as collaborators in shaping a vision for senior services in our community. We value the opportunity to serve those whose care is entrusted to us. In continually striving to achieve our vision we will:

  • Serve as a model of our values and spirit to the community
  • Seek opportunities and leverage our resources to address community needs
  • Promote an integrated continuum of services for seniors
  • Encourage individuals to make decisions that will foster their independence within the context of the community
  • Take a holistic approach to service development and delivery
  • Be financially stable and secure