St. Francis Senior Ministries Installs Air Purifiers

St. Francis Senior Ministries has recently installed air purifiers in the nursing home and assisted living facilities. Scientific Air portable units have been purchased and are being used in Friedman Village Assisted Living, St. Francis Home and St. Francis Assisted Living. These units are said to eliminate up to 99.9995% of airborne viruses in minutes. In addition to the portable units, Bi-Polar Ionization units have been installed on the HVAC units at St. Francis Home, St. Francis Assisted Living as well as Friedman Village Assisted Living. This ionization equipment is said to be effective in significantly reducing harmful pollutants such as bacteria, mold, allergens, viruses, and odors by introducing positive and negative ions into the system airflow which is then delivered to the space. This technology creates reactive ions or oxygen species (ROC) in the air, which reacts with airborne contaminants that attach to and deactivate these harmful substances. St. Francis Senior Ministries is committed to providing the best quality of care and air quality to our residents.


St. Francis Senior Ministries Receives New Bus

Two local grant partnerships joined to award funding for a new 12-passenger vehicle for St. Francis Senior Ministries.  The first award was from the Betty Jane Memorial Fund of the Tiffin Community Foundation.  The Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio’s Fund for the Poor and the Elderly matched the first award.  The new vehicle has capacity for eight standard seats and up to 4 areas for persons using wheelchairs.  This generous gift immediately will transport residents for outpatient therapies and doctor appointments.  In the future, once the state’s Coronavirus restrictions lift, it will also be used for group outings to improve the quality of life for all residents to enjoy the local downtown and community events.   Thank you to both the local donors!


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